How To Lock Instagram Chat | Instagram Chat Lock

How to lock Instagram chat? You guys also use Instagram! You can’t put a lock on your chat! Through the trick, you can close Instagram chat.

What is Instagram Chat?

Friends, in today’s time, most smartphone users use Instagram! Just like you use Instagram! If you message someone or send a message to you, it is called chat!

You can talk via message on Instagram! You can also send photos and videos to each other! And it gets an audio call and video call option on the app!

You guys talk to each other! The entire chat history is added! You spoke to someone personally! Someone takes your mobile phone! So it can open your Instagram and read your chat etc! You can also message someone!

Want to avoid all these problems? Want to lock your Instagram chat? I’ll tell you how to do it today! Because you do not get this feature on Instagram! I will tell you a trick through which you can lock Instagram Chat!

How to lock Instagram chat?

Friends, you will not find the lock option on Instagram! You want to lock Instagram Chat! Then you have to download an application! The app is also on the Play Store; you can download it from here too!

After downloading the application, open it! Such an option will show you can see through the photo!

How To Lock Instagram Chat

Here you have to create a 4-digit passcode! I do 1234 as an exam; then I have to confirm! The same has to be entered again, 1234; then such an option will show, and you can see the photo!

How to lock Instagram chat? How To Lock Chat On Instagram

How To Lock Instagram Chat

You have to add your email to the recovery email! This will make you forget this passcode! You can recover it via email! I’ll add my email here! Then save it! Then you have to allow all the permissions of your mobile!

After activating so many settings, click on +! Your Instagram will open! The chat you want to lock on! Click on that chat! The discussion will be locked; you can see through the photo!

How To Lock Instagram Chat

How to lock Instagram chat? How To Lock Chat On Instagram

In the same way, you want to lock all the chats! You have to select one by one! Their chat will be closed! Then someone else can open a chat! But that chat won’t open!

How to remove Instagram chat lock?

Friends do all the settings like this! You have locked the chats of many people one by one! Now someone takes your mobile and can see the conversation! But you will need help opening the conversation you have locked!

Like if you ever want to remove the lock from all chats! Then you have to open this application! Enter your passcode; it will open! And the chat lock will show up here! Clicking on the safety will be unlocked! Similarly, the chat you want to unlock!

Click on the lock on its side; the chat will be unlocked!

Friends, this is how you can lock your Instagram chat! And you can remove the lock from Instagram Chat whenever you want!

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