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How To Download U-dictionary App ! Hello friends, if you need to learn more languages! Now there’s nothing to worry about! Because there is no such application! With the help of this, you can quickly speak something in your language! You can send messages to others in someone else’s language! I’m talking about u-dictionary applications! But download the U-Dictionary app! It’s not that easy anymore! As much as it was before!

How can you download U-Dictionary? You can’t just download it! But how do you use the U-Dictionary application?I will educate you regarding this as well !

How To Download U-dictionary App

Friends can translate any language from the U-Dictionary app! Let’s say you’re Hindi-speaking! Furthermore, you need to make an interpretation of it into English! So you can easily translate it into English with the help of U-Dictionary! Apart from this, I will also tell you many new things! With this, you can open the app without opening it! Hindi anywhere in English to Hindi English! You can make an interpretation of any language into another dialect!

It’s vital before you know everything! You can also download this U Dictionary app! It’s explained straightforwardly! We have made it much easier for you to download this app! You can download this application by tapping on the connection given beneath! You’ll touch the link below! What’s more, you will actually want to download this application! Just like clicking on the link below!

Then, the page will open in front of you on the Chrome browser! Here, you will see the download! You can download it from here. 

How to download U-dictionary from Chrome

 Now we know! How to use this app! You have to open the U-Dictionary application! After opening the application, you will be asked for whatever permissions! You have to allow them! When this app opens! The page you’ll see first! You’ll see three things at the bottom! At the bottom suitable, you will see the profile logo!

Touch the logo of this profile! When you touch the symbol of this profile! You’ll see a lot of options! Which you will see first! Click on Offline Service! There are two boxes here! There will be a bolt in the middle! As I’ve shown you in the photo below! You have to translate your language and the language you have to solve! On the left side, you have to enter your language! And the language you want to translate to the right! I have to put that language!

Suppose you want to translate Hindi into English! You have to put Hindi on one side! English on the other side! You have to download all the languages! So you have to download the language! So that it can be saved offline! If your internet is down! And yet he could work!

How to use the U-dictionary app?

 After doing all this, I’ll tell you now! How do you open this app without opening it? You can translate any language into any language in any application! Here, if you have selected to translate Hindi into English! So you can write Hindi anywhere and translate it into English in 1 second! Without opening the U-Dictionary application! Now you have to come back to the back! After coming back, you will see the setting option below! Touch the settings option here!

You will see a copy to translate! As soon as you touch it, copy it to translate! Then it will come before you! Try magic translation! Touch Try Magic Translate here! After touching on Try Magic Translate! This will help you add Accessibility to your phone! From here, your phone will take you directly to settings! And in Accessibility, you have to turn on Accessibility for u-dictionary! 

Now, back to the u-dictionary app!

Enable Magic Translate and touch it! Get out of here now! You will see it written in a small I-con on the side of your screen! If you write a text in Hindi! As soon as you turn that I-con on top of it! Hindi it will be translated into English, and you will see it! This way, you can momentarily solve any sentence or word from Hindi to English! I hope you understand everything!

Thank you!

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