How to Change Voice in Bgmi | Bgmi Voice Change

How to Change Voice in BGMI! In today’s time, everyone plays BGMI with their friends! Along with playing BGMI, he can also talk online! But if you also want to talk to your friend in someone else’s voice! So read today’s article till the end! After that, you can easily remove anyone’s voice in the game! You can also joke with your friends!

How to Change Voice in Bgmi

Friends, now you want to change the voice in BGMI! But I need to learn how to keep someone’s voice! It is much easier to change the mouthpiece while playing games in BGMI! For which you need to download an application! To download the app, you have to tap on the download link given below!

How do you register the recorder?

Friends, when you install this app! Then you have to open this app! When you open the application, the permission page appears before you! Where you have to give permissions! After which, the first page of the app opens in front of you! As soon as this happens, you will now be given some instructions! You have to tick! If you want, you can also look at those instructions carefully! After which, you will find it very easy to understand the app! Friends, you do not have to do any registration for this! Which makes this app even more special! You do not have to give any mail and password!

How Does Du Recorder Work?

Friends, when you open the Du Recorder app, the video camera will appear next to you! Now, with the help of that camera, you can record! To record, you have to tap on the video camera! As soon as you tap on the camera, you see four options! You can turn on the recording by clicking on the first option! You can also read the recorder’s user guide by tapping the second option! Now, before discussing the third option, let’s talk about the fourth one! Friends, if you want to go live on your channel! Then, you can go live by selecting the fourth option! You can go live on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter by tapping on the fourth option! You need to sign in with your ID!

Now, let’s talk about the third option! The third option is after the fourth because it is the most special! The most notable feature of the Du Recorder app will be available to you in the third option only! As soon as you tap on the third option! You see a great deal of choices before you! With the help of the first option, you can also take a screenshot while recording! With the second option, you can turn on your camera! You can create a GIF of any recording with the same third option! With the fourth option, you can use a brush to tell anything at the time of recording! With the help of a meeting, you can easily mark and explain to your audience!

With the fifth option, you can remove the recorder’s watermark during recording! You can change the theme by going to the sixth option! With the seventh option, you can set a pop-up window image! With the eighth and final option, you can also change your voice during recording!

The most effective method to Change Voice in Bgmi Utilizing Du Recorder

 Friends, if you want to change your voice during recording with Du Recorder! Then, you have to select the eighth option! Now I have already told you about this eighth option! If you still need to read the article above, read it! After which, you will find it easier to find the eighth option! Friends, after going to the eighth option, the voice change page opens before you! You see a lot of voices! In this, you get to see sounds like Lolita, Fat Boy, Uncle, Naughty Kid, Mechanical, Bad Cold, and Ethereal!

You can voice whatever you want! If you wish, you can also customize the voice yourself! That is, you can make the sound you want! Friends, you will say something in this by tapping on the recording below! After this, you want to check whatever voice you want! You have to touch it! After which, he will change your recorded voice! If you do not like the sound, you can change it by tapping on the other option!


Friends, similarly, you can do voice changes in BGMI with the help of the recorder app! With this, you will see how the Du Recorder app is recorded by running! It’s also told!Companions, I really want to believe that you preferred the data given by me.

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