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How to make money from WhatsApp? Friends, you guys are also WhatsApp users! You want to make money from WhatsApp! Through the method I will tell you today, you can earn money from WhatsApp very easily.

 How Earn Money From WhatsApp?

 In today’s time, most mobile users use smartphones! And if you are a smartphone user, you must also use WhatsApp! If you are a WhatsApp user! If you are wondering how to earn money from WhatsApp, I will tell you the trick! You can rake in boatloads of cash through that!

You’re still using WhatsApp! So you message people, people’s messages come to you! Make audio calls, make video calls! You can use it like a Messenger app! You cannot make money off of it!

Suppose you are thinking that I am already using WhatsApp! And if some money starts coming from this, how good it will be! Because no such feature has been given by WhatsApp yet! So you can make money from WhatsApp! There are so many ways to make money from WhatsApp! Today, I will tell you only one way you can earn from WhatsApp!

How do you earn money from the app?

 There has yet to be an update from WhatsApp! So that you can earn! But you’ll find a lot of applications! How do I make money from WhatsApp now?

There are a lot of apps like that! You’re also wasting time and working hard! I’m talking to people; use it! Somehow, some work, but most applications keep some limits! That is the minimum redemption. Only then can you transfer money!

Or there are many applications that you have also worked in and earned well! But you cannot transfer that money because this application is not actual! Today, I will tell you about the application; it is genuine! And whatever earnings you make will be transferred to your account immediately!

This software is available from the Play Store for download.! And here you can also download the download link you will get! But if you download from here, you will get some bonus income!

How to earn money from digital showroom online shop

 Download the app and then open it! Then click on Start! Then such a page will open; you can see it through ScreenShot!

How to make money from WhatsApp? How To Earn Money From WhatsApp

You have to log in with your WhatsApp number! And verify the OTP, then whatever permission you ask for, you have to allow everyone! Your account will be created! Click on Add Your Products and add a photo of any one product! Write down his item name, price, and category! Then, you can see the added item through the screenshot!

Add your full name, bank account number, Dimitra portal IFSC code, and all this! Then you will get 5 to ₹ 10 as a bonus and can scratch through a scratch card! Then, it will be added to your bank! And here you get the option of Refer & Earn! Click to share it with people!

You have to keep checking the scratch card! Because those who will join! You will have a scratch card show, and scratching money will be added!

You have to copy the link! Keep sharing with the people you’re talking to! The more people you share, the more people will join! The more you enter, the more you earn! It used to get ₹ ten on every referral, but now, after some updates, it has become ₹ 5. 

This application is accurate, and in this way, you can earn money from WhatsApp!

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