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Hello friends, welcome! Thank you all for our blog. Today’s block will prove to be beneficial for all those Facebook users! Those who are curious to know this! How to download Facebook Status?

What is Facebook Status? 

Suppose you are one of those users too! Those who want to download Facebook Status! But due to lack of method, they are not able to download. All of you must read this block! Because in this blog, we will tell you how to download Facebook status.

You all will be familiar with the world of Facebook! Because there are very few such people in today’s world! Those who don’t use Facebook! They know what they use! That’s what Facebook is. This is a social media platform where the person says some things related to himself! Let’s post some memories.

Facebook has a lot of benefits. Facebook allows us to make video or voice calls to anyone.

To call!

We don’t have to pay any separate money. We use the internet on our phones or laptop! You can make a video call to anyone!

Facebook also allows us to chat. That is, we can talk to anyone on Facebook! You can send them a message.

How to set your Facebook status? 

The way WhatsApp allows its users to put status on their WhatsApp.

Similarly, Facebook also allows its users to put statuses on their profiles.

How to download Facebook Status

Here are some small tips to put a status on Facebook, which are as follows-


The way you post a post on Facebook! In the same way, you can also put status on Facebook.

If you use WhatsApp, then you are well aware of this! When we put a status on WhatsApp, it is visible to everyone only for 24 hours.

In the same way, the status of Facebook is also visible to everyone for 24 hours! After that, he automatically withdraws from the profile status.

First, you must open your Facebook account to enter your Facebook status.

As soon as Facebook opens, you will see your homepage.

On the home page, you will see the option to enter the story or status.

You will also see your profile in the option to enter the status! And along with this, the status of your Facebook friends will also appear.

You have to click on the status of your story! And go there and get it from your phone or computer’s picture gallery! Select any picture video and upload it.

This way, you will upload your Facebook status.

After uploading, now give your own Facebook status! Along with this, you will be able to easily see your friends’ Facebook status!

How to download Facebook status?

Facebook status remains for 24 hours after uploading. After that, he automatically disappears from the profile. That’s what I mean! After 24 hours, we do not see our Facebook status back.

Now the question arises! How does the status that appears for 24 hours disappear?

Is there a correct way to download the status? The answer is yes. You can download your Facebook status.


Have you heard of an application or website called Fast Vid?

How to download Facebook Status

Fast Vid is such an application! Which helps you to download your friends’ Facebook status, your Facebook status.


The method is straightforward! All you have to do is go to the Fast Vid application. There you have to log in with your Facebook id.

Suppose you see the status of any person on Facebook as soon as you log in! So while playing, you will see two options, one of download and the other of play.

There you can click on the download option! You can download your friends’ Facebook statuses and view them whenever you want.

Facebook Status Download

Friends, we provide you a link to the application below, which you can download! Install it on your phone! You can easily download Facebook Status!

Friends, this is an app application after downloading it! You have to permit to install it on your phone! Then this application will be installed on your phone.

After installing, you will see three options when this application opens.




You will have to log in to this application with your Facebook ID by going to the Facebook option.

After logging in, you will enter the status on your Facebook profile! You can download it as well as download the Facebook status of your friends. 

After downloading, you will see all the videos on the download page of this application! And you can see the downloaded status by going to the download page whenever you want.


Friends, nothing in the world is complicated! Because someone has done that work at some time before. That’s why that work has been successful, so we should never lose hope! You should always have hope in your mind! Because the world runs on expectations.

We hope that you can download our today’s blog Facebook Status. You must have liked it very much! Because through this blog, you have got new information! Here’s how you can download your Facebook status! You can download not only your Facebook status but also your friends’ Facebook status! And you can see that downloaded status anytime you want, according to your time.

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